3Ds Max (Interior/Exterior)

3Ds Max (Interior/Exterior)

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Course Description

Schedule of course Duration-Full time & Regular
Weekend – Weekend Duration-4 Sunday[6Hrs Per Day]
Regular – One Month [2hrs per day]

Courses Overview:-

This course introduces the student to the types of technology and communication skills that are used in the three-dimensional design and animation fields. Communicate your ideas with 3ds Max design application a comprehensive 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution that supports the way architects, designers, engineers, and design visualization specialists approach their projects, from initial concept models to final, cinema-quality presentations.

Courses Outline :-

1. Identify and describe the functions of different elements in the 3D Studio Max interface.
2. Explain, produce, modify and transform standard primitives.
3. Explain, produce, modify and transform extended primitives and Patch grids.
4. Identify and create two-dimensional (splines) shapes to be used in the development of three-dimension objects.
5. Define and apply transforms and modifiers to objects/primitives.
6. Explain and apply sub-object mode to the modification of objects/primitives.
7. Group; align, array and mirror objects using 3D Studio Max tools.
8. Identify and produce compound objects using loft and Boolean operations.
9. Accurately create three-dimensional scenes for various mechanical, artistic and architectural
10. applications.
11. Create, retrieve and apply materials to three-dimensional objects. 12. Define and create renderings.
13. Identify the types and apply various modifiers to objects.
14. Identify and apply deformations to objects.
15. Design and implement lighting and cameras for scenes and animations.
16. Explain advantages of hierarchies in animation
17. Build hierarchies of objects for the use in animations.
18. Explain and use keys, frames and length/speed used in animation.
19. Realistically animate objects, lights, cameras and modifiers.
20. Explain and apply rendering effects, outputs, backgrounds and size.
21. Render animations.

Admission Procedure:-

• Registration Amount Rs-5000 for booking the eligible seat.
• Submitted passport size 2Nos of photo copy.
• Submitted Academy Certificate 2Nos
• Submitted Residential prove certificate Xerox copy [Voter ID or Pan Card].
• Attached Payment receipt Xerox copy.

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