AutoCad Digitisation

AutoCad Digitisation

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Course Description

The CAD Digital Mapping course using ArcGIS and AutoCAD Map is, in addition to manage separately each program, explain

the potentialities of each one and migrate data from one another,allowing students use the most adequate software for each situation.

Definition and basic concepts. Uses of Geographic Information Systems.Geographic information: vector data models,raster data models and other data models(CAD, TIN, etc.). Main features of each data module, advantages and disadvantages.

Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop: ArcMap, ArCatalog, ArcToolbox, ArcScene and ArcGlobe.Arcmap interface, extensions and tools.

 Verification of the correct functioning of the software and assessment.

AutoCAD are GIS is the most popular software available to perform any GIS type work.This course is geared toward understanding the fundamental concepts of:Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing, and Cartography.  Geoprocessing, Network Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Land Use, and Land Cover, HotSpot Analysis, Interpolation, Web Services (WMS and WFS) Spatial Query, Spatial Database Concepts with PostGIS(QGIS), Introduction to Geoserver using QGIS.Analyze spatial data (Extract, Overlay, and Proximity), 3D Analysis.

Course details for AutoCAD Digitisation

  • Getting Started with AutoCAD
  • Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
  • Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
  • Making Changes in Your Drawing
  • Advanced Object Types
  • Advanced Editing Commands
  • Working with Blocks
  • 2D Isometric drawing
  • Hatching

Certificate Course in GIS

  • Getting to know GIS
  • Getting started with maps and data
  • Spatial Data
  • Creating new geographic files and digitizing
  • Modifying attributes
  • Getting information about features
  • Working with 3D Analyst
  • Working with model builder
  • Making maps for presentations
  • Accessing data

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