ETABS v19 & SAFE v16 , Structural Design +CAD

ETABS v19 & SAFE v16 , Structural Design +CAD

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Best ETABS v19 & SAFE v16 in Villa Structural Design +CAD


This course is a complete understanding of structural design analysis, how civil engineers must begin with the project, how they must think, how we can determine the dimension of the element before modeling them check it in the Software.

In this course, we will create a four stories Villa. In work, we will show you how to select the best type of slab type for this Villa and select the best type of foundation. Also, during the design, we will show the very complicated and challenging topic in the structural design of the Villa, for example:

1- What type of slab must we choose: Ribbed Slab, Solid Slab, Flat Slab?

2- The largest span increases the bending moment loads on the beams.

3- Check the short and long-term Deflection of Slabs.

4- Select the most suitable type of foundations (Isolated or combined or Raft foundation).

5- Plan of the swimming pool utilizing Sap2000 Software.

6- Composition of the water tank utilizing Sap2000 Software.

In the structural design, you will study all the measures that help you to model analysis and design of any design in ETABS and SAFE (Import AutoCAD file, create and assign grids, assign materials, mark sections, determine loads, Modeling, Analysis of the loads, compose the structural element, export loads from ETABS to SAFE to design slabs, beams, and foundation, Export from AutoCAD to ETABS 

Course content

Introduction to the course 
General civil engineering knowledge
Etabs v19 
SAFE V16 Design of Slab and Foundations of the Villa 

Admission Procedure:-

• Registration Amount Rs-5000
• Submitted passport size 2Nos of photocopy.
• Submitted Academy Certificate 2Nos
• Submitted Residential prove certificate Xerox copy [Voter ID or Pan Card].
• Attached  Payment receipt.


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