MAYA 3D(Fashion)

MAYA 3D(Fashion)

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Schedule of course Duration-Full time & Regular
Weekend – Weekend Duration-4 Sunday[6Hrs Per Day]
Regular – One Month [2hrs per day]

Courses Outline :-

Introduction to MAYA FOR ARCHITECTURE, computer requirements for maya, production pipeline, User interface: basics, tools, transforms,
shelves, channel box, layer editor, attribute editor, hotkeys, markin menus, script editor, outliner, hypergraph.

Modelling :polygonal modelling also deformers-

Assignment :interiors (poly)-


Modelling :polygonal modelling 1(week)-

Assignment :bike , monumental architecture (using loft,extrude,planar, revolve, etc,)


Modelling :nurbs modelling 2(days)

Assignment :Car


Modelling :head modelling and Whole Body.1.5(week)

Assignment :male / female torso or cartoon character, with reference images


Modelling :sub-division Modelling

Assignment :palm


Texuring :basics, hypershade, 3d paint, mental ray shaders, paint effects tool

Assignment :labelling bottle-


Texuring :continued psd network, making tex in pshop, uvw mapping, bump mapping 2(days)


Texuring :continued uvw unwrapping of face

Assignment :continued baking, general utilities usage, visor, shader in Mental Ray 2days)


Lighting :creating lights, attributes, 2 point, 3 point lighting

Lighting :continued lighting an interior scene or a human-

Assignment :lighting a product

Lighting :ccontinued caustics, final gather, global illumination, hdri ( 2 days)-

Assignment :lighting an interior or an outdoor scene < br>
camera-introduction :-(free camera ,aim camera,camera aim and up)

Assignment : attached camera to path,attach camera to car

camera-introduction :(free camera ,aim camera,camera aim and up)

Assignment :attached Camera to path,attach camera to car

Rigging :biped rig

Assignment :rigging a human

Rigging :quadraped rig

Assignment :rigging a dog

Rigging :skinning and paint effects tool also deformers

Animation :animation concepts, graph editor, dope sheet, trax editor

Animation :continued bouncing ball, motion path skinning the rigged character

Assignment :bouncing ball, assign aircraft to motion path

Animation :continued walk cycle

Animation :continued grasping an object, blend shapes

Assignment :animate the modelled character

Dynamic :particles, fluids, effects, fields, soft / rigid bodies, solvers, baking animation, hardware render buffer

Dynamic :continued

Assignment :applying particles and fluids to an example of your own imagination

Dynamic :continued

Assignment :breaking a wall with an iron ball on an iron chain


Assignment clothe a character


Assignment :assign hair and fur to a character


Assignment :assign hair and fur to a character

Maya Live

Rendering maya software, hardware, vector, mental ray, ipr, batch

Rendering :continued render in passes, wireframe rendering, mel script intro toon

(One week for project week) :

( 1 Admission Procedure:-

• Registration Amount Rs-5000 for booking the eligible seat.
• Submitted passport size 2Nos of photo copy.
• Submitted Academy Certificate 2Nos
• Submitted Residential prove certificate Xerox copy [Voter ID or Pan Card].
• Attached Payment receipt Xerox copy.

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