PhotoShop Institute for Architecture design | Interior Design | Fashion Design

PhotoShop Institute for Architecture design | Interior Design | Fashion Design

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PHOTOSHOP COURSE for Architecture design | Interior Design | Fashion Design

Photoshop  render is more powerful in Architectural design project for Floor plan render ,autocad to photoshop looks realistic and better than autocad plan similarly for 3d view image processing, adding textures, landscapes, people, sky, etc.

Photoshop Architectural design considered as a great way for the colorful rendering of 2d plans, digital paintings, matte paintings, and color correction in 2d & 3d elevations.

Photoshop is very powerful application to get photo realistic render Fashion design sketches which adds to the versatility of your fashion design projects Create your Fashion Illustrations & design presentation using Photoshop.

Adobe photoshop for Fashion design sketches easily perform color changes in fabric textures such as denim, twill, or sweater stitches, and add realistic shadows and highlights to presentations without losing texture detail.

Fashion Design complex patterns can be scanned to make simple color modifications, and more realistic plaid repeats and color ways can be created from scratch.

Fashion designers can create original graphic artwork either through freehand drawing, or by applying various techniques like watercolor, airbrushing, charcoal and other artistic effects to existing images.

Courses Outline Adobe Photoshop :-

Assignments Eight
1. Create a BG Secenery .
2.Makes 3d views composing foreground & background.
3. Make a flow chart design.
4. Create a human face composition
5. Instant painting exterior Design.
6. Prepare colorful render for 2d floor plan with shadow & reflection.

7.Create thesis layout & profile.
8. Create 3d building perspective views as best composing.> Project
Prepare PPT presentation for your total assignments.

Class-1 :-

Introduction :What is AutocadCAD,Histroy of CAD,Co-ordinate System,Interface
Setting of autocad.
Assignment:Create different co-ordinate system.
Class-2 :-

Image menu : To make a collage by cutting various images and pasting them.
Assignment: Image adjustment,Color balance foreground & background Imaged
Class-3 :-

Selection tools,Selection menu,Transform tools,
Assignment:Create different shadow,reflection & symmetric shape. .
Class-4 :-

Drawing tools,Text and Shape tools,gradient, file and edit menu, scanning
Assignment:Create a flow chat using Gradient,Shape & text tools.
Class-5 :-

Tools pallets using Brush,Stamp, eraser,spot healing,blur,sharpen,smuge.
Assignment:Create different human face composition.
Class-6 :-

Layer menu, layer options, layer style, layer merge,smart layer,Layer group,
Layer allignment.
Assignment:Create different layer by importing autocad floor plan
Class-7 :-

2D floor plan render,Layout render,Elevation render.
Assignment:Create different 2D floor plan render,Layout render,Elevation render
Class-8 :-

Composition:Layer mask.Text mask,Vector Mask,Layer adjustment,
Assignment:Create 3d exterior view composing foreground & background images .
Class-9 :-

Perspective view render from max,Sheet composition.documents.
Assignment:1.3D view composing by foreground & background images, 2.Prepare layout sheet for broucher & thesis documents.
Class-10 :-

View and windows menus
Assignment:Prepare a broucher by using ruller,slice & guide
Class-11 :-

Filter menu
Practice various effect on diffrene images .
Class-12 :-

Filter menu[Effects example ]
Practice various effect on diffrene layer style
Class-13 :-

Prepare Broucher design & layout design.
Assignment:Prepare a broucher by using ruller,slice & guide.
Class-14 :-

Practice-2d Render
Class-15 :-

Practice-3d views
1.Floor plan for one apartment design eg.Floor plan. Elevation,section etc
2.Copose building element with proper color balance.
3.Prepare perspective 3d view required foreground and background composition
4.Make proper site plan render with block modeling. 

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