Primavera Training Institute in Bhubaneswar Odisha

Primavera Training Institute in Bhubaneswar Odisha

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Anyone who wants to learn Project Management and Primavera P6 Software Cadcam Academy at Bhubaneswar odisha is the best primavera institute to approach expertise trainer for professionals who are from any industry and working in any type and size of organization. Learn practical application of Project Management using Primavera Course P6 software, version 8.3 or above from CADCAM Academy offline on online tutorial by our expert trainer. The Primavera courses details contains Plan, monitor and control time, cost and resources of a project to achieve project goals.

Primavera Course Details

The Oracle Primavera Project Management (PM) module is comprehensive, scalable, multi project planning and control software, built on Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases for organization-wide project management. The PM module can stand alone for project and resource management, or it can be used with Oracle Primavera companion products to manage your project portfolios.

Oracle Primavera is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution consisting of role-specific tools to satisfy each team member’s needs, responsibilities, and skills. The P6 suite uses a standard Windows interface, client/server architecture, Web-enabled technology, and a stand-alone (Oracle XE) or network-based (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server) database. The Oracle Primavera Course suite includes the following software components.

Primavera P6 Release 8.4
Sessions Topics

Session-1 General

About Primavera
Data Structure of Primavera
About Organizational Breakdown Structure
Procedure to Create an OBS
About Enterprise Project Structure
Procedure to create EPS

Introduction to Calendar
Types of Calendars
Creating global calendars both web & client.
Editing the standard work weeks & its time.
Create Exception.
Creating Project calendars.
Creating Resource calendars.
Conversions in calendars.

Session-2 Work Breakdown Structure

Introduction to WBS
WBS Structure
Creation of WBS .

Introduction about an Activity
Assign Calendar to the Project
Creating Activities.
Configuring General Tab
Delete an activity.

Introduction about Relationship
Types of Relationship
Adding Relationships to the Activities
Apply Lead or Lag
Procedure to apply Lead or Lag
Introduction about Scheduling
About Critical Path Method

Session-3 Constraints
Introduction about Constraints
Constraints Categories
Types of Constraints
Procedure to apply constraints

Introduction about Codes
Types of codes & details
Resources & Its Team
Introduction about Resources
Types of Resources.
Creating Resources
Assigning a Resource

Assigning Resources to an Activity
Assign Resource to Multiple Activities

Session-4 Resource Analysis &Leveling
About Analysis
About Project Workspace
About Resource Analysis
Resource Leveling

About Baseline
Creation & assigning a baseline
Execution Process Group

User Defined Fields
Introduction about User Defined Fields
About Global Change

Introduction about Update
Procedure to update.

Session-5 Monitoring & Control Process Group

Introduction & benefits about Tracking
About Earned Value Analysis

Closing Process Group

Introduction about Reports
Creation of Reports

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