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Course Name – CREO
Schedule of course Duration-Full time & Regular
Weekend – Weekend Duration-4 Sunday[6Hrs Per Day]
Regular – One Month [2hrs per day]

Courses Overview:-

Courses Outline :-

Chapter 1 :Introduction-

a. Introduction to CAD/CAM /CAE.
b. Parametric Design, Associative, Feature Based Modeling.
c. Parent and child relationship.
d. Graphic User Interface of Pro/E
e. Getting Started With Pro Engineering
f. File types

Chapter 2 :Sketcher

a. Creation tools
b. Modifying tools
c. Dimensioning & Constraints
d. Sketcher Palette
e. Sketcher Relations


Chapter 3 : Part Modeling

a. Getting started With Part Modeling.
b. Base Features – Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Blend, Swept Blend, Variable Section Sweep
and Helical sweep.
c. Datum Features and Cosmetic features.
d. View Manager.
e. Engineering Features – Hole, Shell, Rib, Draft, Round and Chamfer.
f. Edit Features – Mirror, Pattern, Copy, Paste and Paste special
g. Feature Operations
h. Model Analysis
i. Edit Options – Setup.2

Chapter 4 :Introduction to Surface Modeling

a. Basic Surface creation Tools
b. Surface modification tools – Intersection, Merge, Trim, Offset, Extend, Thicken and
c. Flatten quilt, Vertex round, N-Sided patch.
d. Boundary Blend


Chapter 5 :Assembly Mode

a. Getting Started With Assembly
b. Bottom-up Approach
c. Assembly Constraints.
d. Top-down Approach
e. Interference & Clearance Checks
f. Exploded Views
g. Simplified Representation.

Chapter 6 :Drafting

a. Overview of Drafting
b. Creating Drawing Views
c. Insert Templates, Format
d. Show & Erase Tool,
e. Creation of Dimensions
f. Symbol Creations & Placements
g. Bill of Materials
h. Drawing Tools
i. GD & T

Chapter 7 :Advanced options

a. User Defined Feature
b. Family table
c. Re-orient
d. ADV modeling tools – Toroidal bend, Spinal bend, Pipe, Surface and Solid free forms.

Chapter 8 :Introduction to Sheet metal

a. Wall creation tools – Attached and Unattached.
b. Bending – Creating bend, Unbend and Bend back.
c. Extend wall, Notch, Punch, Corner Relief, Rip and Merge walls.
d. Form, Flatten form, Deform area and Flat pattern.

Chapter 9 :Tips & Tricks

a. Export and Import of CAD Files.
b. Managing PRO-E Environment.
c. Map keys and Model player.
d. File menu options.

Admission Procedure:-

• Registration Amount Rs-1000 for booking the eligible seat.
• Submitted passport size 2Nos of photo copy.
• Submitted Academy Certificate 2Nos
• Submitted Residential prove certificate Xerox copy [Voter ID or Pan Card].
• Attached Payment receipt Xerox copy.

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