Solidworks Training institute

Solidworks Training institute

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Course Description

Solidworks Training Institute

Course Name – SOLID WORKS
Schedule of course Duration-Full time & Regular
Weekend – Weekend Duration-4 Sunday[3Hrs Per Day]
Regular – One Month [2hrs per day]

Courses Overview:-

SOLIDWORKS is a computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) program for engineering and designing application works.

SOLIDWORKS software application in creating 3D models of solid objects like metal parts, plastic components, and 3D-printed objects. Designers and engineers use SOLIDWORKS to create component designs and simulate how different components move and fit together.

This ensures that the final product design works exactly as intended. In addition, engineers can use SOLIDWORKS to test how a product will perform over its lifecycle.

Designers also use SOLID WORKS to manage complex projects involving large teams. As many designers submit their individual contributions, project managers use SOLID WORKS to combine many components and ensure that the final product design looks and works as intended.

Courses Outline :-

Chapter 1 :Introduction-

a. Introduction to CAD/CAM /CAE
b. Parametric Design, Associative, Feature Based Modeling, Design Intent
c. System Requirements
d. Graphic User Interface of SolidWorks
e. Getting Started With SolidWorks
f. File References

Chapter 2 :Introduction to Sketching

a. Getting Started with 2D Sketching
b. Sketching Entities
c. Sketch Relations
d. Dimensions
e. Sketch Fillets & Trimming Entities
f. Mirror, Convert & Move Entities
g. Sketch Tools

Chapter 3 :Advanced Part Modeling

a. Boss Features
b. Adding Rib ,Draft ,Shell
c. Patterning
d. Editing Features
e. Using Copy and Paste
f. Edit Material & Document Properties
g. Design Tables
Chapter 4 :Basic Surface Modeling

h. Basic Surfacing Tools
i. Sweep ,Loft & Offset
j. Filleting & Trimming Tools
Chapter 5 :Assembly Mode

a. Getting Started With Assembly

b. Bottom-up Approach
c. Adding Components
d. Feature Manager Design Tree and Symbols
e. Component Hiding and Transparency
f. Sub-assemblies, Inserting Sub-assemblies
g. Smart Mates
h. Interference Detection
i. Exploded Assemblies & Explode Line Sketch
j. Using TolAnalyst
Chapter 6 :Drafting

a. Overview of Drafting
b. Drawing Sheets and Views
c. Adding Drawing Views
d. View Settings, Drawing Properties
e. DimXpert
f. Moving and Deleting Dimensions
g. Adding Annotations & Symbols
h. Sheet Formats and Templates
i. Assembly Drawing Views
j. Bill of Materials and Tables
Chapter 7 :Introduction to Sheet metal, Weldments

Chapter 8 :Introduction to PhotoWorks

Chapter 9 : Tips & Tricks

a. File Management
b. Export and Import of CAD Files
c. Managing SolidWorks Environment

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