AutoCAD+CATIA+CREO [Mechanical Engineering]

AutoCAD+CATIA+CREO [Mechanical Engineering]

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AutoCAD+CATIA+CREO [Mechanical Engineering]

CADCAM Academy provide Mechanical Engineering software courses for Autocad 2D/3D,CATIA,CREO  Learn to design the parts and assemblies using industry leading parametric solution.These Application is a powerful 3D parametric solid modeling software developed by Dassault Systems. It enables the development of high-quality mechanical products. It allows users to design shapes with 3D sketching and visualization features. Most importantly, its engineering, design, and system engineering capabilities make it very useful for the product manufacturing industry.


Autocad 2D/3D for Mechanical Engineering

  • Able to draw effectively 2D Drafting
  • Learn complete concept of 3D Modeling
  • Able to use Parametric AutoCAD
  • Able to work in Isometric
  • Learn to create Animation
  • Learn to make realistic model with use of Materials, Lighting and Rendering
  • Complete Industrial object creation


CATIA courses for Mechanical Engineering

This course is a comprehensive guide which will allow you to confidently produce 2D and 3D models of you drawings as well enable you to make effective and efficient use of your time. This is coursed is designed by keeping in mind the users apprehensions regarding the software and hence the language used is easy and lucid without the use of heavy technical jargon so that it is easy to understand for one and all.

  • Assembly Modeling
  • Mechanical Designing
  • Shape Designing
  • Analysis and Simulation
  • AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) PLANT
  • Machining
  • Digital Mockup
  • Machining Simulation
  • Ergonomics Design and Analysis


CREO courses for Mechanical Engineering

Creo is a latest most innovative CAD Design Software supporting designing of different products for manufacturers. Creo is developed by PTC and it consists of apps which deliver different set of capabilities to cater to different product requirements.

  • Learning how to use the Creo Parametric interface
  • Know the Complete details of Sketching module tools such as Lines, Arc, Ellipse, Polygon etc
  • Basic to advance level training of Part module, Sheet Metal module and Drawing view with Practical examples
  • Learn to create and modify of complex shape using Part and Surface features
  • You will learn to make assembly, drawing and projection of different type of complex models
  • You will be able to use parametric approach to design your model
  • You will be able to draw perfect mechanism for your model
  • In nutshell, you will be able to create and modify any kind of models with best speed and accuracy

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