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ERDAS Imagine

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ERDAS Imagine

ERDAS IMAGINE is a raster graphics editor and remote sensing application designed by ERDAS, Inc. It is aimed primarily at geospatial raster data processing and allows the user to prepare, display and enhance digital images for use in GIS or in CAD software.

It is a toolbox allowing the user to perform numerous operations on an image and generate an answer to specific geographical questions. By manipulating data placement in imagery, it is possible to see features that would not normally be visible.

The level of brightness, or reflectance of light from the surfaces in the image can be helpful with vegetation analysis, prospecting for minerals etc.

Other usage examples include linear feature extraction, generation of processing chains (“spatial models” in ERDAS IMAGINE), import/export of data for a wide variety of formats, ortho-rectification, mosaicking of imagery, stereo and automatic feature extraction of map data from imagery.

This ERDAS Imaging course covers lots of remote sensing and satellite image processing operations. This is the first landuse landcover course on CADCAM Academy the most demanding topic in GIS.

In this course, We covered from data download to final results. We used ERDAS, ArcGIS, ENVI and MACHINE LEARNING. We explained all the possible methods of land use classification.

More then land use, Pre-Procession of images are covered after download and after classification, how to correct error pixels are also covered, So after learning here you no need to ask anyone about lands classification.

We explained the theoretical concept also during the processing of data. We have covered supervised, unsupervised, combined method, pixel correction methods etc. We have also shown to correct area-specific pixels to achieve maximum accuracy. Most of this course is focused on Erdas and ArcGIS for image classification and calculations.

For in-depth of all methods enroll in this course.  Image classification with Machine learning also covered in this course.

  1. Image Processing Steps
  2. Basic ERDAS Imagine Operations
  3. Introduction to Visual Image Interpretation Elements
  4. Advanced ERDAS Imagine Operations
  5. Introduction to Spatial Modeler

ERDAS Imagine Course

ERDAS IMAGINE provides true value, consolidating remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR analysis, basic vector analysis, and radar processing into a single product. It offers many solutions in one, incorporating the following standards, enterprise capabilities, and products:

  • Image analysis, remote sensing, and GIS
  • Support for optical panchromatic, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, radar, and LiDAR data
  • User-friendly ribbon interface
  • Multi-core and distributed processing
  • Spatial modeling with raster, vector and point cloud operators, as well as real-time results preview
  • High-performance terrain preparation and mosaicking
  • A variety of change detection tools
  • ERDAS ER Mapper algorithm support

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