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Website Design :

What is Website Design & Web Development? Web design compiles the creative vision and technical skills of an individual commonly known as web designers.

Web designing is the technical creation of a website, such as the coding part, basic layout, etc. Web Designing is the task of designing (including scripting) a web page on the internet.

A Web designer among the others is the most ingenious individual behind the layouts and designs of websites and Web pages.

The digital destinations created by these designers include simple one-page personal resumes to complex media-rich online magazines or e-commerce flea markets.

Web Design:

A basic knowledge of business techniques such as leading and application of creative skills in the industry allows these Web designers to establish themselves as digital marketing design experts.

Web designing is a judicious option for those personnel having a sense of designing or creativity.

A Professional Web Designer can seek jobs in various fields such as web designing companies, advertising agencies, design studios, online marketing firms, audio-visual media.

While Web Development is deeply related to the database implementation on a website using server side scripting like PHP & MySQL.

All the popular ecommerce, social media, and many other websites are good examples of web development.

Scope in Web Designing & Web Development

From the past few years Web Designing has emerged as one of the best and highly paid professions.

Increasing demand of various business houses, medium and small scale industries and public sector at large for the use of web services lead to an increase in the demand of Professional Web Designers. Importance of Web Designing is not only recognized in India but also abroad.

One of the main advantages of choosing a web design profession is the increasing demand for websites in the present as well as future global business scenario and the dramatic percentage increase in the internet usage commercially or otherwise.

Web designers and web developers can seek various job opportunities in a number of industries including Internet service providers, Internet consulting firms and specialized Web design companies.

Advertising firms and graphic design shops also recruit Web designers. Also most of the top industry leading enterprises maintain a workforce of in-house web designers and developers.

Finally, web designers with vast creativity, experience and strong portfolios can establish themselves as independent contractors, rendering services to businesses or individual clients.

While a person with an advanced level logic building skills and organizational skills can achieve huge career opportunities in the industry.

Many web designers and web developers are working on their own and designing websites for smaller and big companies.

The growth depends entirely on their creativity, logic, and experience.

Web Designing and Web Development at CADCAM ACADEMY

CADCAM ACADEMY Multimedia Institute in bhubaneswar offers various web designing & web development courses at different levels such as Web Masters, Web Premium, Web Standard, Web Developer Master, PHP Master etc. depending upon individual needs.

At CADCAM ACADEMY, emphasis is given on providing the students the best opportunity that enables them to enhance their skills and grow in their career.

Our institute focuses on building a highly specialized workforce of professional web designers who want to become leaders in the industry through higher user interface design.

Our institute’s course curriculum comprises ofWeb Fundamentals, Graphics and Interactivity; Web Development, Web Promotion, maintenance and much more exciting features.

More attention will be given on providing technical certifications to the students which helps them in achieving the ultimate credential i.e, a strong web designer portfolio.