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locationPalasuni, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswa

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Palasuni, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswa
phoneCustomer Support +91 9437 1122 98

Learn Corel Draw software for fashion design at CADCAM Academy – a leading training institute. Develop your skills in fashion design and get equipped to work with the latest technologies in the industry.

CADCAM Academy, located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is the best institute you can find to learn Corel Draw software training for fashion design students.

Corel Draw is one of the most popular design software tools used in the fashion industry. It has various features and tools that cater specifically to the needs of designers, helping them create amazing designs with ease. The Corel Draw software training at CADCAM Academy is designed to help students develop the necessary skills to use this powerful tool in a professional setting.

The academy provides high-quality training, which includes both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The training program is designed specifically for fashion design students, and it covers all aspects of design software usage. From basic tools and functions to advanced techniques, the course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the software.

Fashion Design Corel Draw Software Training by CADCAM Academy

As a fashion design student, it is crucial to have the latest technological skills to stand out in the industry. CADCAM Academy understands this and provides the latest tools and techniques to students. During the training, students are exposed to real-world scenarios and given hands-on experience to work on industry-standard projects. This prepares them for their future careers and gives them a competitive edge.

Additionally, CADCAM Academy provides a supportive learning environment where students can learn without pressure and at their pace. The instructors are experienced professionals from the industry who have worked on various projects and have an in-depth knowledge of the software and the industry. They are available to students during the training for assistance and guidance.

for Corel Draw software training for Fashion design students provide by CADCAM Academy,Bhubaneswar,Odisha here the best Corel Draw software training institute for Fashion Design Course.

Apart from the training program, CADCAM Academy also provides other services to ensure the students’ success. These services include career counselling, resume building, and job placement assistance. The aim is to ensure that students have a smooth transition from the classroom to the industry.

In conclusion, CADCAM Academy is the best institute for anyone looking to learn Corel Draw software training for fashion design students. With its comprehensive training program, supportive learning environment, and additional career services, students are guaranteed to have the best possible experience. So, if you’re looking to develop your skills in fashion design, enrolling in the Corel Draw software training program at CADCAM Academy is the way to go.

Course syllabus details Corel Draw software for Fashion design course – CADCAM Academy

The Corel Draw software training program for fashion design course at CADCAM Academy covers various aspects of the software that are essential for working in the fashion industry. Below is a detailed syllabus of the program:

  1. Overview and Interface
  • Introduction to Corel Draw and its features.
  • Understanding the Corel Draw interface, toolbox, and properties.
  1. Image Editing and Vector Graphics
  • Introduction to image editing and vector graphics concepts.
  • Understanding bitmap and vector graphics.
  • Image editing techniques such as brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, and color balance.
  • Vector graphics tools such as pen, bezier, and shape tools.
  1. Typography and Layout Design
  • Understanding typography and its importance in fashion design.
  • Working with artistic text and paragraph frames.
  • Creating and editing curved text.
  • Designing layouts using grids and guidelines.
  1. Color Theory
  • Understanding color theory and its applications in fashion design.
  • Color management tools and their usage.
  • Techniques for creating color palettes and swatches.
  1. Designing for Fashion
  • Techniques for designing fashion sketches and prints.
  • Working with patterns, textures, and fabrics.
  • File formats for exporting fashion designs.
  • Designing logos and branding elements.
  1. Special Effects and Customization
  • Special effects tools such as blend, transparency, and drop shadow.
  • Working with custom brushes and pens.
  • Creating custom templates and scripts.
  1. Industry-Specific Features
  • Understanding the requirements specific to the fashion design industry.
  • Techniques and tools used for designing fashion accessories.
  • Techniques used for creating fashion illustrations and technical drawings.

At CADCAM Academy, we believe in providing a comprehensive curriculum that covers all essential aspects of the software and its application in the fashion industry. With a focus on practical training, our program ensures that students gain hands-on experience working with the software and its features.

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