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Photography videography institute in bhubaneswar offer diploma and certificate courses

Looking for a top-rated videography institute in Bhubaneswar? CADCAM Academy offers short-term videography and diploma in cinematography courses to help you excel in the field of videography.

CADCAM Academy, located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is one of the best institutes offering videography courses with a focus on practical, hands-on training. Our Short-Term Videography and Diploma in Cinematography courses are perfect for individuals who want to turn their passion for videography into a successful career.

Our Short-Term Videography course is designed for individuals who want to gain fundamental knowledge of videography. The course covers basic videography techniques, camera handling, video editing, and lighting principles. By the end of the course, students will be able to handle entry-level videography jobs with confidence. The course runs for several weeks, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals who have constraints of time and resources.

Our Diploma in Cinematography course is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of videography, including camera handling and lighting principles in addition to the latest video production techniques and editing software. Our faculty members have extensive experience in the field, which ensures that students get the best training available in the industry. The course is spread over months, providing students with ample time to develop their skills, acquire practical experience, and work on real-world projects. The program concludes with a practical intensive project, providing students with an opportunity to showcase their creativity and skillsets.

At CADCAM Academy, we understand the importance of providing our students with the latest video equipment to develop their skills. That’s why we provide access to top-notch cameras, lighting equipment, and editing software. Our experienced faculty members guide students through the technicalities of using these tools. We believe that acquiring skills with the latest equipment is crucial in making our students industry-ready.

Our courses are designed with the goal of providing students with the necessary skills and training required to succeed in the videography industry. Students from diverse backgrounds and locations are welcome to enroll in our courses. We have trained individuals from different parts of the country and have alumni spread throughout the industry.

The location of our institute in Bhubaneswar serves as an excellent base for videography courses. Bhubaneswar has an extensive range of cultural and historical sites, which make it an excellent location for video production. Our course curriculum is designed to incorporate the unique cultural and environmental features of Bhubaneswar and Odisha.

The success of our students speaks for the quality of education we provide at CADCAM Academy. Our alumni have gone on to work in different aspects of videography, including feature films, documentaries, music videos, advertisements, and sports coverage. They have made their mark in the regional, national, and international markets with their work being showcased and appreciated in film festivals and other forums.

Videography has gained popularity over the years and has immense potential in creating impactful videos for businesses and NGOs. At CADCAM Academy, we recognize the demand for videographers and equip our students with the skills and knowledge required to meet the demand in the market. Our courses have a strong foundation in videography that is complemented by inputs from cutting-edge technology and industry experts.

In conclusion, if you are looking to acquire the necessary skills for a career in videography, enroll in our Short-Term Videography or Diploma in Cinematography courses at CADCAM Academy. Our courses are tailored to meet the current market needs, and our experienced faculty members ensure that our students receive the best possible training. With access to top-notch equipment, hands-on training, and a strong alumni network, you can be sure that you’re on the path to a successful career in videography.

At CADCAM Academy in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, we offer two comprehensive courses in videography, the Short Term Videography Course, and the Diploma in Cinematography Course. Our training is designed to give students hands-on experience, using the latest equipment, and practical experience with industry professionals. Below are the details of the courses, including the syllabus.

Short Term Videography Course:

The Short Term Videography course provides a comprehensive foundation in videography techniques and skills. The course is designed for individuals who have a keen interest in the field but have limited time to devote to learning. The syllabus for this course is as follows:

    1. Introduction to videography
    2. Understanding camera and lenses
    3. Video shooting techniques and rules
    4. Lighting principles for videography
    5. Audio recording and mixing
    6. Basic video editing principles
    7. Color correction and grading techniques
    8. Green screen/Chroma keying
    9. Motion graphics and animation
    10. Project management for videographers

Diploma in Cinematography Course:

The Diploma in Cinematography course is a more extensive and in-depth program, covering a range of cinematography techniques. The course is designed to provide students with a stronger foundation in different aspects of videography, including lighting, camera handling, and editing. The syllabus for this course is as follows:

    1. Introduction to cinematography
    2. Understanding different types of cameras and lenses
    3. Visual storytelling techniques
    4. Advanced lighting principles
    5. Audio recording, mixing, and sound design
    6. Advanced video editing techniques
    7. Motion graphics and animation
    8. Green screen/Chroma keying
    9. Advanced color correction and grading techniques
    10. Visual effects and compositing
    11. Scriptwriting and storyboarding
    12. Project management for videographers

Both the Short-Term Videography Course and Diploma in Cinematography Course are taught by experienced faculty members who are industry professionals. The curriculum is designed with a practical approach, with hands-on training and exercises to give students an in-depth understanding of the subject matters.

In Conclusion, CADCAM Academy in Bhubaneswar, Odisha provides courses that give students a firm foundation in videography. Our Short-Term Videography course is perfect for individuals with limited time, while the Diploma in Cinematography course is designed for those looking for a career in videography. Our courses‘ strength lies in our experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art equipment, and practical approach, ensuring students gain practical knowledge and skills needed in the industry.


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