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AutoCAD course for Civil Engineering

Welcome to CADCAM Academy’s AutoCAD 2D/3D for Civil Engineering course!

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and skills in AutoCAD for Civil Engineering? Look no further! Our course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of AutoCAD 2D/3D and how it can be applied to the specific needs of civil engineering projects Autocad institute near Bhubaneswar, .

Our course curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including:

– Introduction to AutoCAD
– Basic drawing and editing tools
– Creating and managing layers
– Using blocks and attributes
– Drawing and editing complex objects
– Working with annotations and dimensions
– Creating and editing 3D models
– Applying materials and rendering models
– Importing and exporting files

Our experienced instructors in CADCAM Academy will guide you through each lesson, providing hands-on training and real-world examples to help you master each topic. Additionally, our course includes practical exercises and projects that allow you to apply what you’ve learned to real-world scenarios.

By the end of our course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how AutoCAD 2D/3D can be used in civil engineering projects, and be able to create accurate, detailed and professional drawings and designs.

So why wait? Sign up CADCAM ACADEMY for our AutoCAD 2D/3D for Civil Engineering course today, and take your skills and career to the next level!

CADCAM Academy is the leading civil engineering AutoCAD training institute in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It is great to know that the academy offers comprehensive training in various civil engineering disciplines, including structural design drawing, building design plans, elevations, and sections detailing, urban planning design and drafting, road and bridge drawing detailing, site layout plan detailing, and grading plan detailing.


With this training, aspiring civil engineers can learn how to use AutoCAD software effectively to create detailed and accurate drawings for various civil engineering projects. By acquiring these skills, trainees can improve their job prospects and contribute to the development of infrastructure projects that benefit society.


Overall, the CADCAM Academy civil engineering AutoCAD training appears to be a valuable resource for individuals who wish to pursue a career in civil engineering in the state of Odisha.

The AutoCAD training course for Civil Engineering students at CADCAM Academy, Bhubaneswar covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to AutoCAD: understanding the user interface, workspace, file management, and basic commands.

2. Drawing Basic Geometric Shapes: line, circle, arc, rectangle, polygon, and ellipse.

3. Editing Tools: modify commands, grip editing, and object snaps.

4. Creating and Editing Text: single-line text, multi-line text, text styles, and editing text.

5. Layer Management: creating and managing layers, naming and color-coding layers, layer properties, and layer states.

6. Dimensioning: dimension styles, linear dimensions, radial and angular dimensions, and editing dimensions.

7. Blocks and Attributes: creating and inserting blocks, annotative scaling, and managing attributes.

8. Hatching and Gradient Fills: creating and editing hatches, applying patterns, and uses of gradient fills.

9. Advanced Plotting and Printing: using the page setup manager, plotting layouts, and using plot style tables.

10. 3D Modeling: introduction to 3D modeling, creating and modifying 3D objects, viewing 3D models, solid modeling, and surface modeling.

This course is designed with industry-standard practices that prepare students with the necessary skills to create and edit designs that are used in engineering. By completing the course, Civil Engineering students will gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of AutoCAD software that can be applied in the industry for creating detailed designs and layouts.

Course Prerequisites:

Students should have a basic computer knowledge, including the ability to use a mouse and keyboard. No prior experience in AutoCAD is required.


Course Objectives:

– Learn to use AutoCAD 2D/3D to create drawings and designs for civil engineering projects.

– Develop an understanding of the tools, techniques, and workflows available in AutoCAD 2D/3D for civil engineering projects.

– Build proficiency in drafting, annotating, importing and exporting files, creating 3D models, and applying materials and rendering models.

– Improve skills and productivity in AutoCAD 2D/3D software for civil engineering applications.

– Prepare drawings and designs that meet industry standards and best practices in civil engineering.


Course Delivery:

The course is delivered through online video lectures, practical exercises, and quizzes to test and reinforce learning.


Certificate of Completion:

A certificate of completion is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Autocad institute near Bhubaneswar for civil engineering

Enroll now in our AutoCAD 2D/3D best autocad institute for Civil Engineering course and gain the skills and expertise necessary to excel in the civil engineering industry.

CADCAM Academy teach the students variety of civil engineering works that require AutoCAD drawing, including:


  1. Site plans: Autocad institute Bhubaneswar CADCAM Academy provide an accurate drawing of a property, including site boundaries, existing structures, and proposed improvements. It is used by civil engineers for designing and planning new builds, renovations or landscaping projects.


  1. Grading plans: CADCAM Academy Autocad course training Bhubaneswar teaching Grading plans help civil engineers identify the proposed elevation changes, drainage systems and slope of a construction site. AutoCAD drawings are used to digitize and visualize grading plans in 3D to ensure the design meets construction standards.


  1. Road designs: Learn from CADCAM Academy in Civil engineers students use AutoCAD to design and analyze the roadways, highways, and bridges. The drawings show the alignment, cross-section, and grading components of the road design.


  1. Drainage and sewage systems: CADCAM Academy is the Autocad institute in odisha provide Autocad training for building or development projects, drainage and sewage systems that comply with regulations are essential. After training in CADCAM Academy Civil engineers use AutoCAD to create detailed ground surveys, drainage plans, and new sewage systems alongside existing ones.


  1. Structural designs: Autocad institute near Bhubaneswar orivide Structural designs Autocad training, such as buildings, bridges, and retaining walls, require precise measurements and detailed 2D and 3D models to ensure their safety and resilience. Civil engineers create designs with software such as AutoCAD to create impenetrable structures that are strong enough to handle natural and man-made forces.


These are Autocad institute in Bhubaneswar CADCAM Academy offer civil engineering AutoCAD drawings play an essential role.

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