Fashion Designing

The aim of the course in Fashion Styling is to prepare professionals and creative people to work within the fashion system in areas of visual communication ranging from the fields of publishing, advertising, visual merchandising and trend or style forecasting to blogging. Presenting contemporary and future trends, enhancing the collections of designers, informing and inspiring their readers, this is the exciting mission of a fashion stylist. By the end of the programme students will gain the ability to recognise different styles and trends clearly define their personal vision of a product and propose innovative and professional ideas successfully.
Short term course in Fashion design-Three months Fashion design course is called as short term certificate course in Fashion design we developed these courses for very short time to extract expertise in specific design skill like Certificate in Embroidery Design ,Certificate in Indian Embroidery ,Certificate in Garment Construction – Ladies Wear ,Certificate in Garment Construction – Kids ,Certificate in Soft Toys Design, Certificate in Fabric Design.
• Certificate in Embroidery Design
• Certificate in Indian Embroidery Design
• Certificate in Garment Construction – Ladies Wear
• Certificate in Garment Construction – Kids Wear
• Certificate in Fabric Design
• Certificate in Fashion CAD
• Certificate in Fashion Visulisation.Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustration]

Pattern Making & Garment Construction

Course Review-Pattern Making and Garment construction is a skillful art that pertains to sewing and designing new garments. Pattern making and Garment Construction have a wide bracket of sewing styles that covers basic outline of various pattern sizes, lengthening the pattern as per the fit and grain line arrows which exemplify the seamless alignment of fabric and the pattern. At TRYTOON ACADEMY,Bhubaneswar, we offer proficiency in pattern making and garment construction. Our study program is one of the most promising pattern making and garment construction courses in Bhubaneswar,odisha. Not only does it provide requisite expertise, but also helps ambitious students to kickstart successful careers in the competitive field of Fashion Designing.
Course Highlights-

3 to 4 Months-Basics bodice, sleeves, collar and variation
Advanced Draping-
Fashion Draping is an integral part of fashion design these days. It is the art of positioning or pinning cloth on a dress, to give a distinctive look to the outfit. With advanced draping, the forms and the patterns get even more intricate and complex. Draping is one of the best ways to make any garment look stunning.
We, at TRYTOON ACADEMY ,Bhubaneswar,odisha, understand the present fashion trends in the world. Advanced Draping is one of the very important elements. Also, we have a short-term course on Exquisite Evening Wear, which again teaches about Advanced Draping. TRYTOON ACADEMY, helps the fashion aspirants to provide expertise in the latest trends in the world.

Course Highlights-

3 to 4 Months-Women’s wear
Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Merchandising involves all those processes, which brings a fashion from the designer’s studio to the consumer’s wardrobe. It broadly involves specialized skills of marketing, buying, sales, creative i3deation and also customer relations. A growing avenue in Fashion Industry, fashion merchandising combines the development of the conceptual and creative abilities with instructions on business practice.
At TRYTOON ACADEMY,Bhubaneswar, we understand the necessity of the changing scenario of the Fashion Industry. So, we offer a short term course on Fashion Merchandising the Fashion Merchandising course at TRYTOON ACADEMY will give the fashion aspirants the required expertise on the subject, and will prepare them as per the industry standards.

Course Highlights-

3 to 4 Months-Fashion Merchandising, textile study, roles and responsibilities of a merchandiser Time and Action Calendars, merchandise calendar and quality control.
Visual Merchandising
Visual merchandising is the new age art of displaying merchandise in a manner that it becomes appealing in the eyes of the customer. Visual Merchandising includes displays, signs, internal displays, promotions etc; and it gives the retailer an opportunity to bring life to their store products. From colours to design patterns, this involves all the aspects of consumer attention through a detailed visual desirability.
At TRYTOON ACADEMY, we teach Visual Merchandising; as a part of Bachelor’s degree as a short-term course also.

Course Highlights-

3 to 4 Months-Elements of design, introduction to visual merchandising, understanding store image and design areas of display, study of props, mannequins, fixtures, lighting and other elements of display, understanding the merchandise calendar for visual display.
Fashion Marketing-
Fashion Marketing is a multidisciplinary course that explores the various components that make up this important and exciting sector of the fashion industry. The course focuses on marketing, design and merchandising with industry professionals lecturing and sharing their experience in their specific area of expertise. Traditional methodologies and techniques such as brand analysis and management, trend research, distribution, advertising and merchandising are be covered in depth and complimented by visits to showrooms and retail spaces.

Course Highlights-

3 to 4 Months-Introduction to Fashion Marketing, global and Indian markets, marketing strategies, understanding the fashion consumer, branding and consumer research.
Fashion Illustration-
Fashion Illustration is a practical course where students are exposed to techniques and skills through demonstration and then practicing example with one-on-one guidance and tuition. Subjects covered range from basic fashion head and body, through to fabric rendering and presentation.
3 to 4 Months-Introduction to Fashion Illustration introduction to the nude body, block figures, body parts, postures
CAD in Fashion Drafting-
CAD course is designed to help the students in learning and understanding use of digital design development for representing their ideas and the factors that contribute to good design including appearance, strength, appeal, affordability and sustainability.

Course Objectives:

The main objective of this course is
• To achieve competence in Computer Graphics
• To help students make use of their skills and creativity in design development, illustration and draping
• To introduce various ideas to have an upper hand over manual designing To develop the ability to represent their visuals using image editing and manipulation capabilities
• To help the students to draw fashion figures and communicate apparel design details using a variety of media
• To provide the student with practical application of skills and knowledge gained in other drafting courses
The instructor works closely with the student to ensure that the selection of a project will enhance the student’s learning experience
Course Highlights-

We provide both Long term and Short term courses-SOFTWARE
• Corel Draw
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator